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This long-awaited World War II series starring Austin Butler has arrived on Apple TV+



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“Masters of the Air”, the highly anticipated Apple TV+ series, has already debuted and enchanted the public.

Steven Spielberg is a talented director who has made some of the best films of all time – “ET The Extraterrestrial”, “Shark”, “Minority Report”, “Schindler’s List”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Lincoln”, “Empire of the Sun”, “The Color Purple”, among many others.

However, there is a theme that addresses more frequently above any other. The iconic director premiered one of the most anticipated series on television at the end of last week. Apple TV+, set during the Second World War. By your side in this new series is Tom Hankswhich in addition to the various collaborations with the director, is known as “Band of Brothers“, one of best series about the Second World War.

Now “Masters of the Air” promises to be better than “Band of Brothers” It is “The Pacific”. The series is now available on Apple TV+ and is being enchant the public and critics.


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Apple TV+’s new major drama series follows History of Squadron 8 of the US Air Force in the fight against the Nazis. Common sound castAustin Butler, Callum TurnerAnthony Boyle, Nate Mann, Barry KeoghanIt is Ncuti GatwaDavid Shields (“The Crown”), Ben Radcliffe (“Pandora”), Rafferty Law (“Twist”), Edward Ashley (“The Terror”), Elliot Warren (“Batman“), Nate Mann (“Licorice Pizza“), and Darragh Cowley (“The Essex Serpent“), The series promises (a lot).

In the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes the work already has 83% rating. Richard Lawson, from Vanity Fairhe writes, “is vivid, terrible and moving where it touches most, this series is at once dense and scattered about post-teens who are thrown into a hell that goes all the way to heaven”.

The story is inspired by a book by Donald L. Miller, which itself was based on the true story of the courageous American soldiers who put their lives at risk to keep the heavens in peace against the Nazi force. “Masters of the Air” is composed of 9 episodes which premiere weekly until mid-March.


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