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This miniseries went unnoticed but is already the most watched around the world



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There is another miniseries that is winning over Netflix subscribers! To ascend the throne he had to dethrone… another miniseries!

To the miniseries have gained preference among subscribers of Netflix due to the lack of time and, sometimes, the lack of patience for big marathons. With busy modern lives, people are often looking for entertainment options that fit into their busy schedules. This is where this type of production comes in.

With more concise plots and a limited number of episodes, they provide a more condensed viewing experience, allowing viewers to follow an engaging story without the commitment of investing a lot of time. Proof of this is that the most watched new series is a… miniseries! Thus, the much controversial “Griselda” that has Sofia Vergara how great a protagonist has just been dethroned!

According to the most recent data from the FlixPatrol, is the most watched production today, both in Portugal and worldwide. The quick achievement of the top of this important ranking reveals the interest generated around this production that premiered last Wednesday, January 31st. Even more notable is that the series in question had little publicity, unlike its predecessor, for example.


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Alexandre: The Home, the God” is miniseries six-episode documentary that explores the rise of Alexander, the Great, from his exile in Macedonia to the conquest of the Persian Empire. The narrative is presented with expert testimony and dramatic recreations. Dr. Calliope Limneos-Papakosta leads archaeological excavations in Alexandria, revealing treasures from the age of Alexander.

In Illyria, in 334 BC, Alexander associates with Ptolemy and Hephaestion. The story also involves the marriage of Alexander’s sister, the assassination of King Philip and Alexander’s ascension to the throne. In BabylonDarius, the Persian king, sees an opportunity to attack while Attalus, Alexander’s general, questions his loyalty.


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