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This was the film studio that made the most profits in 2023!



Every year we welcome new films to cinemas around the world. Some better than others and many of them from different studios. However, the truth is there are studios in this world of cinema that release many films every month and that consequently achieve more profit and profitability when it comes to ticket sales.

Therefore, since 2015, the studio that makes the most profit from ticket sales is Disney+. With many releases throughout the year and always with the great help of Marvel projects. However, the year 2023 was marked by a different mandate. And Disney came in second place for the first time in 8 years…

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This was the film studio that made the most profits in 2023!

Therefore, in 2023 the world of cinema was dominated by none other than Universal Pictures. This is clear, thanks to the fantastic releases of Super Mario Bros – The Movie, Oppenheimer and even M3GAN. Raising a total of 4.907 billion euros. Disney, in turn, only raised 4.827 billion euros.

That said, this victory on the part of Universal Pictures is only due to the fact that it released 7 more films than Disney+. In other words, a total of 25 premieres in 2023. However, this was also the first year since 2014 in which Disney was unable to launch a project that reached more than 1 billion at the box office. This is clear, removing the years 2020 and 2021 for obvious reasons.

The rest of the top 5 is recorded with Warner Bros in third place due to the premieres of Barbie and The Nun 2. Sony in fourth place and to close the list Paramount in fifth.


In short, Disney+ was worse during this year 2023 and we are sure that it is essentially due to the bad phase that Marvel is going through at the moment. In other words, we just have to wait and see how 2024 goes.

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