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Tomie manga will return in April



Tomie Devir cover

The manga Tomie is one of the most popular works by Junji Ito and the popular master of Japanese horror will return the mysterious succubus on April 12th in the form of Tomie Controlon the pages of Nemuki+.

No further details have been revealed about the Tomie Controlso its story remains shrouded in mystery.

Junji Ito is known as the master of horror manga and some of his manga finally arrived in Portugal as Tomie and the Best of Best Junji Ito Short Story Collection for the Becoming.

Combining his love of the macabre with exceptional illustration skills, Junji Ito has become one of the greatest visual storytellers of our generation, and has built a remarkable career creating manga that push the boundaries of the genre itself.

From tales that explore the supernatural, to the deepest fears of the human mind, each work offers an intense and chilling reading experience.

Junji Ito’s works offer readers a unique literary experience. The visual storytelling style and engaging plots captivate both horror fans and those simply looking for something out of the ordinary.

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