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TOP manga that the Japanese want to see get an anime in 2024



Tokyo Aliens vol 1 cover

A Anime Anime asked the Japanese which manga they most want to see get an anime adaptation. The survey took place from November 28th to December 5th and 70% of the participants were female. The majority of respondents were young, with approximately 50% under 19 and 15% in their 20s.

TOP manga that Japan wants to see get an anime in 2024

  1. Tokyo Aliens
  2. Kindergarten Wars
  3. Sakamoto Days
  4. I Don’t Even Have a Mob of Maiden Games
  5. Witch Watch
  6. Scented Flowers Bloom With Dignity
  7. Togen Anki
  8. We Are the Protagonists of the Demon World!
  9. Harmful Super Beast

At the TOP we have some well-known names, and most likely many, if not all of these manga, will be destined for an anime adaptation. Which one would you like to see win an anime?

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