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Total Annihilation premieres Thursday on Netflix! Prepared?



Netflix has recently launched several simply incredible projects that really manage to win over the most varied users. With great emphasis on all those who are more action-oriented. This style is usually the most successful around the world.

Therefore, this time the series in question is nothing less than Total Annihilation. A series that we have been waiting for for some time and that finally arrives this week, more specifically on Thursday. But what story exactly does this project tell us?

This is the film that occupies the top 4 on Netflix right now!

Total Annihilation premieres Thursday on Netflix! Prepared?

Therefore, Total Annihilation centers its story on an elite team that celebrates like there is no tomorrow after managing to avoid a major attack. However, the truth is that everything gets complicated when a deadlier threat comes into their hands. And it will be necessary for everyone to be able to maintain sobriety to save people from this situation…

When it comes to the cast, we also have some familiar faces. As is the case of Shelley Hennig, Nick Zano Terrence Terrell, Paola Lázaro and even C. Thomas Howell. In other words, this cast could also very well be the key to success around the world. But let’s wait and see what happens.

Total Annihilation

In short, the project premieres next Thursday on Netflix and could very well be one of the best options to spend the weekend. Furthermore, there are those who say that this new series is also very comedy-oriented. In other words, in addition to having action that we love so much, we will also have something to laugh about. But let’s see how the debut goes and find out if it will be as successful as intended.

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