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Trailer for the original anime series Nanare Hananare reveals the cast



A DMM Pictures started showing this trailer for the original anime series Nanare Hananare where the cast is revealed. More details are promised for February 8, 2024 and below you can see a promotional image.

Let’s have the cast like this:

  • Rika Nakagawa as Kanta Misora
  • Yuki Nakashima (Lisa Imai in BanG Dream!) as Suzuha Obunai
  • Rarisa Tago Takeda (Ren Kazamatsuri in Shadowverse Flame) as Anna Aveiro
  • Manaka Iwami (Noah in Sugar Apple Fairy Tale) as Nodoka Ōtani
  • Moe Kahara (Preliora in In Another World with My Smartphone) as Shion Tanizaki
  • Miku Itō (Muriel Besson in Masamune-kun’s Revenge R) as Megumi Kaionji

Nanare Hananare anime visual

With animation by the studio (True Tears, Angel Beats!, Another, Shirobako, Charlotte), the direction and story are by Koudai Kakimoto (Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko, BanG Dream!), the character design is by Tomomi Takada (Komada – A Whiskey Family) and the production is by

The original coming-of-age story anime depicts the various ways in which six students – with different talents, personalities, and hobbies – find support in their lives. In the promotional image we can see the main character against the backdrop of a city in Gunma Prefecture.

A PA Works and the are also the producers of the anime film Komada – A Whiskey Family (Komada Jōryūsho and Yōkoso) which premiered on November 10, 2023.

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