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Trapped in the Dolomites has its debut scheduled at position 84 on NOS and 63 on MEO



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Christmas brings AMC a surprising new thriller, packed with action, drama and incredible performances. Discover more about the series and its premiere.

O AMC channel is preparing a schedule of programs filled with Christmas spirit, ranging from the most enchanting works of Hollywood, to the most incredible films of the time, but not forgetting the great internationally renowned series. Just as the channel has already accustomed us to with several works of European origin, this Italian series promises to leave viewers hooked to the screen, with memorable suspense sequences and an engaging mystery.

Created by Valerio D’Annunzio (“Fatima“) and Michelangelo La Neve (“Il Commissario Rex“), the series of Italian origin takes place in a luxury resort located in Valle del Vanoi. Following a group of unrelated tourists, as the story progresses the work sees this group of individuals evolve drastically, going from ordinary people looking for a paradisiacal vacation to merciless survivors.

All the action begins the moment a perfect day at a luxury hotel turns into a true nightmare when an unpredictable avalanche leaves the group of tourists isolated from society at large. With supplies running low and temperatures dropping, survivors will have to learn to adapt in order to escape this reality. However, when it seemed like nothing could get worse, the whole situation becomes complicated when one of the strangers appears murdered. This revelation forces the group to face not only nature, but also the presence of a possible killer among them, leading to a growing wave of paranoia and instability.


Trapped in the Dolomites

“Stuck in the Dolomites”, also known as “Black Out – Vite sospese”, arrives on the AMC channel with Alessandro Preziosi (“The Medici: Lords of Florence”) in the lead role. The series, which consists of eight action-packed episodes, also features several stars of international caliber, such as: Rike Schmid (“The Search for Love – The Story of Beate Uhse”), Marco Rossetti (“Come Quando Fuori Piove”), Aurora Ruffino (“In Your Place”), Caterina Shulha (“Ipersonnia“) It is Massimo Mesciulam (“Texas“), among many others.


“Completely isolated, without electricity and with communications interrupted, guests at a luxury hotel in a small, exclusive ski resort suddenly find themselves isolated from the world. Waiting to be rescued, with supplies running out, they soon discover that their situation is just one part of a more complex mechanism that could explode at any moment.

What should have been a pleasant vacation turns into a nightmare of confinement, full of characters with secrets to hide, suspicious witnesses in a protection program and staff willing to do anything. Forced to reconcile with themselves and others, they discover that they are hostage to a unique situation in which the only way out is to overcome their fears, get rid of prejudices and learn to live together.”

The series premieres on AMC channel scheduled for Monday, the day November 27that 10:10 pm, with a double episodes unmissable.


Are you ready for the great intrigue of “Trapped in the Dolomites”?

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