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Twitch streamer left bleeding after stranger punched him in Tokyo



Western streamers and Japan have been a problematic combination, with many using platforms like Twitch to disrupt the daily lives of Japanese people and Japanese forums are full of protests, but this time the case seems to have a different reason. The streamer LoncheDeHuevito was exploring Japan at night when he was suddenly punched by an unidentifiable stranger. He was hit so hard that his camera flew off and he was left bleeding. Of course, everything was recorded on video as you can see above.

The IRL streams of Twitch can provide some of the best experiences on the platform. Showcasing one’s adventures around the world has become an incredibly popular form of content as travel streamers broadcast their experiences for the world to see, and although LoncheDeHuevito wasn’t bothering anyone and ended up being attacked in Tokyo.

The streamer used a translator on his phone to ask someone on the street for directions to the police. But, according LoncheDeHuevitothe police didn’t do much to help him.

With the video going viral, the theory emerged on the forums that this man who attacked him could be a “scammer”. With some stating:

It was probably a Nigerian scammer. They sell contraband clothes, or try to take tourists to extortion bars, or sometimes do things under the command of the Yakuza. They absolutely HATE being filmed (anywhere) as they often carry out illegal activities and will get confrontational even if they are in the background of a selfie.

This has been happening for decades and there are many articles/videos/etc about it. But streamers get a lot of irritation lately because they can’t persuade a live stream to be removed as easily as a selfie.

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