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Two men were arrested in Japan for revealing Shonen Jump leaks



leaks from Shonen Jump nhk screenshot

Leaks, the revelation of information before its official announcement has been one of the problems of the anime and manga industry, often ruining the big announcements that the companies had planned. A NHK revealed today that Japanese police arrested two foreign men on suspicion of publishing Shonen Jump leaks before its official launch.

One of the 36-year-old suspects runs Japan Deal World LLC in Tokyo. According to the police investigation, they made images of Jump available on the internet before its launch. The first magazines were obtained from stores in Tokyo that sold copies of the magazine before its release date. Police suspect other individuals were also involved and are conducting an investigation.

According to the police investigation, in March 2023, the two published images online from a popular manga serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine without permission before its release. Last month, they were accused of violating copyright law by capturing and duplicating images from magazines.

Police suspect that others may have been involved and are conducting a detailed investigation.

Some manga leakers on Twitter have already announced that they will not receive leaks from Jump next Wednesday, which may indicate that their initial source may be related to these arrests.

After these arrests, the newspaper Asahi showed screenshot images provided during the press conference of the Kumamoto Cybercrime Division, including screenshots of Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece It is Blue Lock. These images are used as proof that the leaks provided were published on social media.

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