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Uber Eats has complaints but resolves it! Glovo does not satisfy!



O Complaint Portal identified a 62% increase in the number of complaints directed at home meal delivery services. Uber Eats is the brand that receives the most complaints, but also the one that resolves the most. Problems with refunds and undelivered orders are the main reasons reported by consumers. Since the beginning of the year, almost four hundred complaints have been registered, 48.4% more compared to the same period in 2023.

Uber Eats has complaints but resolves it! Glovo does not satisfy!

Last year, 2903 complaints reached the Complaint Portal regarding problems with home meal delivery services. This is an increase of around 62%, compared to the same period in 2022, in which 1793 complaints were registered.

The growing trend of complaints seems to be continuing this year. Between January 1st and February 11th, 2024, there were 365 complaints directed to the home delivery sector. The value exceeds the number recorded in the same period of 2023 by 48.4%.

The analysis carried out found that the three main reasons for consumer complaints are: problems with refunds (42%), which refer to cancelled, undelivered or incorrect orders, which did not have the amount returned to the user after the request. This is followed by undelivered orders (21.3%) and undue billing (10%), which are cases of double billing, cancellation fees, subscriptions, among others.

The reason for 8.1% of complaints is delay in delivery and delivery errors are the cause of 7.2% of complaints. In the latter, cases of incorrect or incomplete orders are reported.

Uber Eats is the most targeted, but the one that resolves the most complaints

Of the entities with the highest number of complaints, Uber Eats leads with a share of 61.1% of complaints registered this year. Glovo follows 28.2% and the company Bolt Food absorbs 7.1% of incidents.

uber eats

However, according to the indicators on the Complaint Portal, Uber Eats is also the brand that solves the most reported problems, with a 100% Response Rate. An Average Response Time of 97.8% and a Satisfaction Index (SI) rated by consumers as “Good”, obtaining 64.2 points (out of 100).

Bolt Food is also a brand with a reasonable performance in responding to customers, obtaining an IS of 46.2/100, a Response Rate of 93.9% and an Average Response Time of 42.2%.

What’s going on with Glovo?

However, Glovo has an opposite performance, with low performance indicators: 19.7% Response Rate, Average Response Time of 7.5% and with an “Unsatisfactory” Satisfaction Index scored at 14.7/100.

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