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Valve warns not to “sniff” the Steam Deck



Smell the exhaust ventilation of the Steam Deck looks like a meme but a player nonetheless He asked The Valve whether it was safe to do so and the creator of the portable device responded after a few days.

The player in question Reddit posted a screenshot of their interaction with the support of Valve where it questions whether it is safe to inhale the exhaust ventilation of the Steam Deck.

The player asked:

Is it safe to inhale exhaust from the Steam Deck top vent? It’s a bit of a meme to appreciate the fumes, but I guess… I liked it?

A Valve responded, warning against such practice:

As with all electronic products, it is generally not recommended that you inhale exhaust fumes from your device. Although there are no safety concerns with general use, direct inhalation of device ventilation vapors should be avoided.

We understand this may be a meme, but please avoid this behavior for the safety of your health.

The player in Reddit stated that despite the warning he will continue to “snort” the Steam Deck with others saying “I’m afraid it’s already too late for 80% on the sub. See you all on the other side.”

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