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Video: GOLGO 13 – The Professional by TANUKO



You can see the collector’s edition above TANUKO from the anime film GOLGO 13: The Professional. You can visit here its official website.

A TANUKO thus commemorates this great work by the famous duo Osamu Dezaki / Akio Suginocreated in 1983 by the studio TMS Entertainment.

Hired assassin Duke Togo, known by the alias Golgo 13, is hired to murder Robert Dawson, son of wealthy oil tycoon Leonard Dawson and future heir to the Dawson companies and will have to face Dawson’s revenge.

After completing his mission, Golgo is attacked by the army and discovers that his informant has been killed by a mysterious assassin known as Snake. With the help of the army, FBI and CIA, Dawson is determined to kill Golgo and avenge his son’s death.

Golgo 13 is a manga created by Takao Saito. It has been serialized since November 1968 in Big Comics magazine (published by Shogakukan).

The manga has already exceeded 200 volumes and sold more than 300 million copies. In April 2021, it set a Guinness World Record for the most volumes published for a single manga series. Still in the same year, in September, Mr. Saito died at 84 years old.

Every story of Golgo 13 depicts a contract that Duke Togo fulfills, no matter the cost.

Launched in 1983, Golgo 13: The Professional is a loose adaptation of the story “Emperor’s Trap” (Volume 32), where Duke Togo is the one being hunted. Denser than the manga, the film’s plot becomes more complex with an intense plot, extreme violence and the addition of new characters.

Produced by the famous studio TMS Entertainment, Golgo 13: The Professional is the first feature-length animated film to incorporate fully 3D modeled scenes. This achievement, achieved by the pioneering company TOYO LINKS, stems from the ambition of the famous producer Yutaka Fujioka (co-creator of TMS). The studio’s star duo, the director Osamu Dezaki and the animator Akio Suginowere tasked with bringing this Japanese pop culture phenomenon to life.

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