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Watch Ed’s gameplay in Street Fighter 6



A Capcom released a trailer with gameplay for Ed, the third DLC character from street Fighter 6 which will be released on February 27th for Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series It is PRAÇA (Steam).

The Fight Pass “Ed’s Arrival!” is now available for a limited time for players to equip their favorite characters with the outfits and elements of the New Shadaloo boss.

Along with Ed, a new scenario called Laboratory in Ruins will also become available and in it we can observe the consequences of the fall of Shadaloo and the decay of his old laboratory. Anyone who purchases the Year 1 Ultimate Pass and the Ultimate Edition will also receive this new scenario automatically when the character is released.

However, several features will also be introduced for all players that include the ability to change the button layout on PC and the addition of the Extra Lighting feature in Photo Mode.

Ed first appeared in Street Fighter V after rejecting M. Bison’s evil intentions and managing to escape the clutches of his organization to create Neo Shadaloo in the hopes of helping other orphans in the same situation. His attacks on Street Fighter 6 have changed significantly, with all of their attacks being focused on punches. Ed, the initial inspiration for Modern Controls Street Fighter 6will continue to maintain its simplified controls, but will also receive new options in Classic Controls mode for more technical players.

Ed will have the following range of movements:

  • Psycho Flicker: A quick flicker jab that can be executed in one of three directions to catch the opponent off guard, a vital tool for Ed’s spatial control ability. If players hold the button down, Ed will use Psycho Snatcher Street Fighter Vwhere he can pull his opponents into a sea of ​​threads filled with psychic power.
  • Psycho Blitz: Fires a barrage of punches coated in Psychic Power.
  • Psycho Storm: Ed’s Level 1 Super Art features a series of short, super-fast strikes.
  • Psycho Cannon: Super Art Level 2, previously seen in Street Fighter V, generates and fires a powerful sphere of psychic power capable of causing high damage. It should be noted that this was a recurring movement by M.Bison in Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha and in other games in the series.
  • Psycho Chamber: Finally, Ed’s Level 3 Super Art turns rivals into a punching bag by tying their hands and feet and leaving them defenseless against an endless barrage of withering blows!

Ed will be unlocked for anyone who owns the Year 1 Character PassO Year 1 Ultimate PassThe Deluxe Edition Or the Ultimate Edition on February 27th. Ed’s costume 2, which is inspired by what he wore in Story mode Street Fighter Vwill also be available when the character is released.

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