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What new films and series are there to watch on Apple TV+ in December?



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The last month of the year brings big news on Apple TV+. These are the biggest premieres of December!

Apple TV+ wants to keep track of streaming platform with the best content. Through a study of Parrot AnalyticsApple TV+ has 51% of its content rated good or better.

The technology giant’s streaming platform has some of the best series today – “hijack”, “The Bad Sisters”, “The Morning Show”, “Silo”, “Foundation”, “For All Mankind”,“Ted Lasso” and now “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters”. In the seventh art, Apple has also bet everything with “Flower Moon Assassins” It is “Napoleon”.

Despite the films Martin Scorsese It is Ridley Scott, respectively, having debuted in cinemas, will also arrive on the streaming platform, with no scheduled date yet. However, before the arrival of these two great films, the month of December brings three major premieres.


One musical Christmas with Ryan Reynolds It is Will Ferrell? It seems like a perfect match!

From December 1st you will be able to see “Spirited”, a modern adaptation of Charles Dickens’ literary classic, “A Christmas Carol”.


In the same comic vein but less Christmassy is “The Family Plan”. The film is produced by Apple Film Studios and Skydance Media.

The cast has Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, Zoe Colleti, Van Crosby, among others. “The Family Plan” tells the story of a former murderer living discreetly with his family in the suburbs of a typical North American city. Until his past comes to ruin his plans. You will be able to see this incredible adventure on December 15th.


An old classic, from 1965. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is an animated short film about the iconic children’s program. On December 16th it will arrive on Apple TV+ to help with Christmas preparations.

Which premiere are you going to see first? Do you have Apple TV+?

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