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WhatsApp comes to an end for these iPhones in 2024



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There are some iPhones that are experiencing the last few months of compatibility with WhatsApp. Find out what they are!

As happened in October last year, the Whatsapp stopped working on an extensive list of smartphones. A Goal explains this decision – which happens every year – with the fact that the devices in question “may not have the latest security updates or may not have the necessary features to run WhatsApp”, it can read.

Currently, WhatsApp compatibility with iPhones starts at iOS 12, but this may change this year. Those who have a recent smartphone can rest assured. However, anyone who has an ‘older’ one may find themselves needing to buy a new one to be able to continue using the application. Still, the truth is that the messaging platform offers very broad support.


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That said, this distinction is made based on the software version and not by model. Initially, WhatsApp may still be functional, but the time will inevitably come when you won’t even be able to send messages. However, first you will receive a warning on the screen asking for an update… without you being able to do it.

Therefore, despite there being no official confirmation yet, the website gearrice points out that the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will no longer be compatible with WhatsApp over the next few months. If you are not sure about the iOS version, just follow these steps: open “Settings” > “General” and select the “About” option.

Is one of these ‘old people’ your smartphone?

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