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WhatsApp finally makes the most awaited tool available



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The wait has come to an end! WhatsApp has just announced the new feature (which has been) long desired by users.

O Whatsapp, an instant messaging platform used by more than two billion people, continues to take steps to ensure that the number of users not only does not decrease but grows! Over the last few weeks there have been several news in the application. In addition to a new functionality for Artificial intelligencewe learned some less good news.

This is because, in addition to one of the best tools is coming to an end and that will have a great impact on all users, also the president of the company, Will Cathcartmade statements that left social media in an uproar!

Approximately two months ago, Mark Zuckerbergco-founder and CEO of Goalannounced the arrival of a new functionality to WhatsApp, the Chat Lock or Locked Conversations. It is a tool that allows users to protect their most intimate conversations with a password or through fingerprint authentication.

However, when choosing this option, in the general Conversations tab, a folder called “Archived Conversations” appears at the top. In other words, although these conversations are not completely exposed, being effectively more protected from prying eyes, they are not… hidden! But that ends today!


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So, the big news is that these conversations will be completely hidden until you give ‘orders’ otherwise. “[…] Now you can configure your blocked conversations to only appear when you type the secret code in the search bar“, can be read in blog from WhatsApp. The code can contain numbers, letters, special characters and… emojis!

In this sense, users can now choose to hide the blocked conversations folder from the conversation list, making them discoverable only when this secret code is entered in the search bar [onde pesquisas o nome de um contacto]. As explained by boss of the Goal, this tool was launched this Thursday, December 30th, and will be available to all users over the next few weeks.

What do you think of this WhatsApp news?

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