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With Napoleon in theaters and Gladiator 2 in production, Ridley Scott is preparing a new film and it’s not Netflix or Apple



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After “Napoleon” and “Gladiator 2”, Ridley Scott will surprise again with a very promising thriller.

At 85 years old, the acclaimed film-maker behind films like “Blade Runner”, “Alien, the Eighth Passenger”, “Gladiator” and more recently, “Napoleon” I couldn’t have a busier schedule.

When faced with the comments of Martin Scorsese Regarding the feeling that the time for telling stories is running out, Scott found that his mortality is not something he thinks about, but rather “another day of stress”.

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O director It also highlights the main difference between the two: prolificacy. Noting that since Scorsese began working on “Killers of the Flower Moon”Ridley Scott has already directed four productions.

Nothing indicates that this pace will slow down, as working on the production of the sequel to its Oscar-winning epic “Gladiator”, the deadline revealed that Scott will take on another promising project for 20th Century Studioswho won the Apple, Netflix, Sony It is Warner Bros. with a value that is said to be slightly above seven figures.

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This new coveted project is “Bomb”, based on the short story of the same name by Kevin McMullin, which will tell the story of Frankie Ippolito, a hostage negotiator called on a mission the night before his wedding. His task is to deal with a man who is standing on top of an unactivated World War II bomb, ready to explode. The setting is a construction site in Piccadilly Circus, London, where that stranger insists on speaking exclusively to Frankie. The film unfolds over the course of a single night and will reveal a secret connection between that man and the negotiator.

Without many other details, it is known that McMullin will adapt his own work to film and will take on roles as executive producer. The filmmaker is known for having directed “Low Tide” for A24 and for working on adapting the manga “Made in Abyss” for Sony.

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This year, Ridley Scott presented his controversial epic “Napoleon” that brings the winner of the Oscar Joaquin Phoenix in the role of the iconic French emperor.

In this new reading, Scott offers a look at the origins of military commander Napoleon and his rapid rise through the prism of his obsessive and often volatile relationship with his wife Josephine (Vanessa Kirby).

Despite doing very well at the global box office, including in Portugalthe film did not please everyone and collected several complaints regarding historical errors. A message by Ridley Scott for historians has been simple: “Get a life.”


And you, are you a fan of Ridley Scott? Are you excited for “Bomb”?

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