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With this simple trick, any audio immediately becomes text



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Tired of listening to audios? With these simple steps you will be able to transcribe all the audio you receive on Whatsapp.

In addition to the messages and conventional calls, the other major means of communication, both by cell phone as for the desktop, it’s Whatsapp. It became the tool of work of millions of people as well as giving rise to several groups of friends and family to always keep up to date with the conversation.

Used all days by millions of people, Whatsapp is in constant updatingwith some tricks specials in between. For example, in summer, users They saved more time by being able to start conversations with contacts that were not previously saved in the list.

When it comes to tricks, one of the most used is power read messages that have been deleted by senders. Despite being a very consistent application, there are certain aspects of its use that leave a lot to be desired. And in certain cases, the way people use it.

Audio recording is one of the most used toolsbut not everyone likes listening to audio. If you don’t like listening to audio and/or you cannot hear at a certain moment, there are several solutions to turn the situation around.


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Original photo by Karolina Grabowska, via Pexels

Despite Whatsapp (yet) not offer this functionality in one’s own applicationthey exist other external applications that help with this scourge. One of the best applications is Voicepop. Available in both iOS like in Android, this application is simple to use. Available in over 45 languages, when we receive a audio, just click on the top to use with the application. Just as it is compatible with Whatsapp, it also works on Telegram, Signal, KakaoTalkICQ and Line.

But there are more options, like Transcriber – speech to text. Also available on iOS and Android, this application is very similar to the previous one, with a few extra points. For example, if you have an interview to transcribe, you can upload it to the app and automatically export a PDF file. Finally, a bot arrives, Alfred The Transcriber. You add the bot to your contact list and, in sixty seconds, you have the audios that you receive in text, just forward it. So far, it is only available in Spanish, English, French and German.

Do you prefer to receive audio or text messages?

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