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Xbox and Xbox 360 have amazing (free) emulators on the Internet!



There is a lot of talk about PlayStation 3 emulators, which are getting better, that it is now possible to play many games, but… Have you looked at Xbox 360 emulators? The Microsoft console is a much less complex system, and as such, there are dozens of incredible emulators on the Internet.

Something extremely interesting, because the generation of PS3 vs Xbox 360 consoles was an extremely balanced duel that for many, Microsoft won.

As such, there are hundreds of incredible games to play, with very interesting graphic quality, and in fact you don’t even need a big PC to run the emulator or the respective games.

Xbox and Xbox 360 have incredible free emulators on the Internet!

Whether you are a fan of the PlayStation or Xbox ecosystem, the reality is just one… The Xbox 360 was one of the best consoles ever, receiving incredible games throughout its life cycle.

However, as we said above, unlike the PS3, it is an easy system to emulate, which is exactly why there are emulators for PC, for consoles like the ROG Ally, or even for smartphones or tablets.

  • Note: Emulation is always a very gray area in terms of legality and ethics in the world of video games. Be responsible. That’s why we won’t include links either. You can search by name and get there very easily.

List of Emulators:

  • EmuDeck
  • Xenia
  • CXBX Reloaded
  • VR Xbox 360 PC Emulator
  • Xemu for Android


In reality, EmuDeck is not really an emulator. However, it is an extremely simple way to enter the world of emulation without having to scratch your head. Why? It is an emulation center that will allow you to install and manage several types of emulators from a single application.

The Xbox 360 emulator within EmuDeck is Xenia, but you can also install emulators for PS2, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS1, etc…

CXBX Reloaded

If you don’t want EmuDeck or Xinia, you can opt for CXBX Reloaded, an open source project (on GitHub), and therefore 100% free. However, its installation and configuration is a little more complex.

Interestingly, on this emulator you can play Xbox, Xbox 360 and also Xbox One games. However, it’s a good idea to look at the compatibility list.

VR Xbox 360 PC Emulator

This emulator is not as advanced or simple as Xenia, but it has some interesting extra features, such as DirectX 11 graphics rendering support.

Xemu for Android

Here we have an emulator for Android, but only for Original Xbox games. There are plans to support newer games (Xbox 360), but the work is complex, and as such is a bit behind schedule. It’s a matter of waiting.

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