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Xbox Next and PS6 (2026): We will also have raw Artificial Intelligence!



As you can imagine, both Sony and Microsoft are already working on their new generation of consoles, which in the case of Sony should be known as PlayStation 6, and in the case of the new Xbox… Well… it only seems to be known as “Next” .

As you can imagine, this will not be the final name for Microsoft’s high-end console. But there is no way of knowing what the name of the next Xbox will be at this point in the championship, such is the lack of consistency in the North American giant’s naming strategy.

But what really matters in all this is that at least in Microsoft’s case we already have well-defined plans, and apparently even a launch date set for 2026.

Xbox Next and PS6 (2026): We will also have raw Artificial Intelligence!

ps5 Pro

Therefore, Microsoft decided to bring forward the launch of its new generation console originally scheduled for 2028, to 2026.

A curious decision! As it cuts the life cycle of your current Xbox Series S and X to just 6 years.

However, it could be a smart decision! Since Microsoft already seems to have given up on the current generation, and as such prefers to focus solely on what comes next. This at the same time as it takes advantage of all the studios it has acquired over the last few years in order to launch a new generation console full of content capable of rivaling everything Sony has on its side.

What are the capabilities of the new generation?

Well, as we reported a few months ago, it is expected that the new generation of consoles will already rely on hybrid processing.

In other words, part of the processing is done on the console itself, but the heaviest part must be done on servers on Sony and Microsoft’s side. This serves to lower hardware costs, and of course, offer much more complex and expansive games.

However, in addition to the hybrid component of the thing, everything indicates that both will also invest heavily in Artificial Intelligence. As? With the implementation of an NPU (Neural Processing Unit) to the main processor of both consoles. It is also worth noting that it is very likely that AMD will once again be primarily responsible for the SoC. Both on the Xbox Next side and also on the PlayStation 6 (PS6) side.

First of all, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.

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