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You can now block contacts without opening the app



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WhatsApp has just launched another important feature that will allow you to immediately block unwanted senders.

O Whatsapp has more than two billion users around the world, becoming not only one of the platforms most popular, but also became a frequent target for advertising campaigns. spam It is scams. This situation calls into question privacy and cybersecurity issues.

For example, in 2021, the number of spam and fraud calls rose by 23%. Financial services and debt collection were the segment responsible for the largest share with 74.6%, followed by sales with 20.6% and scams with 4.8%.

To combat this trend, the company’s messaging platform Goal launched a new functionality which allows you to block numbers associated with this type of activity directly from the smartphone’s lock screen, without the need to open the application.


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Users must have the latest version of the application and configure their smartphone to display notifications on the lock screen. With this already taken care of, now whenever you receive a message from an unknown or unwanted number, you will see two options: “Reply” and “Block”. If you choose the second, the profile in question will be unable to send messages and make calls.

When you receive an unwanted message, you can select the date icon and choose to block the sender. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of blocking accounts directly from the chat. All you have to do is press the conversation you want to veto. Afterwards, several options will appear on the screen, including “Block”. You just have to click on it and voilà!

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