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100% electric Alfa Romeo Giulia is far from the SUV format!



The popularity in SUV-style offerings has been an incredible craze in the automobile market over the past few years. In the end, numerous companies were basically “forced” to join this trend, some more successfully than others, due to the rise in demand for this type of taller car, with an apparently more comfortable driving position, and with a more “premium” level in the eyes of the vast majority of ordinary drivers.

However, despite the popularity of the format, and also because Alfa Romeo already has more than one SUV in its range of offerings, there seems to be room for something different, more classic, but no less interesting.

Giulia EV – The first 100% electric Alfa Romeo maintains its characteristic sedan style!

Expected to hit the market in 2026, the Giulia EV is one of two new 100% electric D-segment models that Alfa Romeo will present. This, together with the new electric offering that should succeed the famous Stelvio.

ALFA Romeo extreme, stelvio extreme

Alfa Romeo reinforces that Giulia EV will arrive in a traditional sedan format!

Well, the truth is that following the current SUV trend is a short-term asset to increase the number of sales. However, it is the very CEO of Alfa Romeo, Jean-Philippe Imparato stating that:

The Giulia EV will continue as a traditional sedan “although this segment is suffering”.

100% electric offers must have a focus on autonomy, efficiency and for this to happen, a more aerodynamic sedan has the potential to help reach more interesting numbers. In fact, according to the CEO of Alfa Romeo:

“I don’t want to become an SUV brand, even if the whole world is moving towards this design.”

romeo Giulia EV

As for details

The new Giulia EV will hit the market with Stellantis’ new STLA Medium modular platform. With the option to choose between a power starting at 345 hppassing through 790 hp in the Veloce version and much more in the top version.

In fact, an out-of-the-box version has already been confirmed, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio with almost 1000 hp, 986 hp to be exact. Therefore, this variant must have four-wheel drive thanks to the implementation of three electric motors. Practically double the power of the current variant with a V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine that has 503 hp.

In short, the transition to 100% electric offerings in the automotive market is not likely to slow down any time soon. However, despite all this, Alfa Romeo decides to remain faithful to its origins and will begin the new objective with sedan offerings and far from the SUV style.

Furthermore, what do you think about the huge demand for SUVs? Share with us Alfa Romeo’s decision to keep the Giulia EV in sedan format in the comments below.

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