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14 temporarily free premium apps



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Nothing better than starting the new year with a set of premium apps that, for a limited time, are free of charge.

Quite often, the Google Play Store receives several premium apps which are temporarily free. For the most frequent readers, you already know the section in question. However, it cannot be stressed enough that we are facing a promotion that has limited term, they usually only last between 24 and 48 hours. Therefore, we advise you not to waste much more time exploring the list below!

Therefore, we suggest that you take a few minutes to read the descriptions of each application and, if one interests you, download it. If you later realize that it isn’t being that useful after all, you can simply uninstall it. It is important to mention that at the time this article was written and published, all applications were available for free.

However, to check whether these offers are still in effect, simply click on the link below and check whether the “Install” or “Download” button is next to the price (strikethrough). If the price is instead, it means the offer has expired and you will no longer be able to download it for free.


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  1. QR and Barcode Scanner PROFree€1.99
  2. Equalizer Bass Booster ProFree€2.19
  3. Sleep BeReal Sound – CalmingFree€14.99
  4. Fractions Math ProFree€0.62
  5. 150X Duplicate Remover ProFree€4.09
  6. Loan Calculator V2Free – 1€4.99
  7. Compress Video – Shrink Video – Free€3.59


  1. Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Free€1.19
  2. Shadow Knight: Ninja Fighting – Free €0.59
  3. Brick Breaker Pro – Free€4.59
  4. Calc Fast – Free€0.69
  5. Truth or Dare Pro – Free€0.50
  6. Alien Shooter – Free€4.99
  7. Brick Breaker ProFree4.59

Did any of these apps catch your attention?

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