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Twitch streamer captures the moment of the terrible 7.6 earthquake in Japan



Shioria Twitch streamer captured the terrifying moment a 7.6 earthquake hit the Japan on New Year’s Day during a live broadcast. Those watching were shocked to see her house shaking as she fled outside.

The streamer was surprised by the audible warning on her smartphone revealing that an earthquake was imminent and was even more surprised when she read the warning with the predicted magnitude of the earthquake… “Oh my God, it’s big!” … “I have to go outside!”.

The moment lasted about two minutes before Shiori return to her room, assuring viewers that she and her family were fine, but that they were preparing for a possible evacuation.

Guys, we’re fine, everyone’s alive. But we just had a huge – level six? – then let’s prepare for evacuation right now.

The Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishidamobilized search and rescue teams and asked people affected by a possible tsunami to evacuate as quickly as possible.

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