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Adorable Pokémon anime short celebrates Lunar New Year



The YouTube channel of Pokémon began airing this adorable anime short in celebration of Lunar New Year (Lunar New Year). Nicknamed “Tadaima (I’m Home)” the animation is from the Chinese studio Hanmu Chunhua (HMCH) and the direction is DaiWei (All Saints Street).

Tadaima (I’m Home) follows a group of people returning home for the holidays with their Pokémon partners.

The director DaiWei stated that he “loved Pokémon since I was little” and “never thought that [ele] I would be able to create an animation about Pokémon.” He said he put all of his favorite Pokémon in the short and the entire studio put effort into creating the animation.

Continuing the celebrations, Pokémon will take the series to Yokohama again, this time to the area around the Chinatown district to celebrate the New Year. The festivities begin on February 12th at Yamashita Park, continue on February 18th at Yokohama Hammerhead and end on February 23rd in Chinatown for the parade, in which Pokémon will participate.

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