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Persona 3 Reload, the Review



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“Persona 3 Reload”, the darkest game in the series, brings themes that are now even more current

Let’s get straight to the point. Persona 3 Reload is an experience that faithfully captures the essence of the original, elevating it to new heights with small changes that manage to have a pretty big impact during a game that easily lasts 60 or 70 hours. This game, widely recognized as a classic, and clearly the darkest in the series, has been improved and polished to offer an even more immersive and rewarding adventure, highlighting gameplay that adapts to current models but without losing much of what the game is all about. turn based games.

The first thing to highlight is the fidelity to the source material. Persona 3 was already a very good title, but Reload manages to improve that experience in subtle but significant ways. The narrative now manages to be more captivating and emotionally powerful, also thanks to excellent voice work for a game of this style and which, obviously, has more “silly” moments in its plot, but where the themes of death, mourning and revenge have now greater impact.

The game’s design closely matches the modern aesthetic of Persona 5, but without losing Persona 3’s unique identity. This creates a visually above-average atmosphere that is both familiar and new. Fans of the original game will hardly like the changes made here, especially in the character design.

The narrative structure remains solid, although it can seem a little routine at times, given the number of activities available in addition to battles and which are sometimes repetitive, something that is not easy to change because the narrative is the main driver of this routine. However, these social activities and variety of tasks add depth to the characters and game world, as well as providing valuable rewards that aid progression.

Speaking of progression, combat has also received considerable improvements. The more fluid animations and increased strategy required make battles more challenging and engaging. The diversity of enemies requires varied tactical approaches, keeping the player constantly alert because at any moment the situation can become complicated.

However, it is in the story that Persona 3 Reload shines most brightly. Emotional, dark and deeply human, she explores themes of loss, grief and revenge in a way that is both cruel and realistic. Although there are lighter moments, the game is predominantly heavy, provoking reflections on the characters’ motivations and their struggles and strategies for dealing with suffering and finding reasons to continue.

In short, Persona 3 Reload is a significant improvement on a game that didn’t seem to need a remake, but that not only honors the original, but also improves on it in several aspects. With an engaging narrative, strategic combat and emotional depth, it is an experience worth exploring for JRGP fans, guaranteeing dozens of hours of immersion and reflection.


Have you had the opportunity to try “Persona 3 Reload”? What are your thoughts on the return of this game?

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