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Alternative to Air Conditioning: Hot in winter and cold in summer?



There are many devices on the market that are cheaper than an air conditioner and promise the ability to cool a house in the summer, and of course, heat it in the winter. But, as you can imagine, there are no miracles. Heating is easy, but cooling a space is much more difficult, requiring a more complex and therefore more expensive system.

Still, although it is very complicated to avoid an Air Conditioner to have a really efficient and powerful solution, let’s see what the solutions are on the market.

Alternative to Air Conditioning for hot in winter and cold in summer?

air conditioning

Therefore, as you can imagine, if it were easy to cool a space, no one would install systems like the always complex and expensive Air Conditioning.

This is exactly why it is necessary to be careful with the marketing strategies of some companies, as is the case with devices such as This one. In other words, this fan will not cool as you might think, it will just circulate the air. If it is hot, it will send hot air, if it is cool, it will send cool air.

Yes, as we said above, it is easier to heat than to cool, which is why there are fans with an integrated thermostat, capable of heating the air before circulating it. That’s exactly why if it’s 18ºC in your room, and you want to increase the temperature, it will do its best to heat the air.

But, if you want to lower the temperature to 20ºC if the room is 24ºC, it will just turn off and wait for the temperature to drop from 20ºC. This is the case with the Purifier Dyson Hot+Cool which we had the opportunity to analyze a few months ago. Amazing for warming up, but cooling down? Forget it.

What’s the solution?

In short, if you want a system that is truly capable of heating and cooling, you will have to look at a Portable ACone Split Portable ACor else a Portable Evaporative Cooler which you can find in various commercial areas. But, in the case of the last option, you will have to opt for something much larger than normal to achieve acceptable results.

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