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Broken cell phone screen? See if it’s really serious or not!



Your cell phone fell to the floor and now has a cracked screen. We’ve all been there, so don’t panic just yet. The real question is: is this a situation that requires immediate repair or just something superficial that you can safely ignore? Broken cell phone screen? See if it is really serious or not.

Broken cell phone screen? See if it’s really serious or not!

To put your mind at ease or not when this happens, we’ll tell you how to assess the severity of the damage and determine whether your cracked screen requires urgent repair or whether it can wait.

Touch screen malfunction

The most annoying problem a cracked screen creates is when it starts interfering with your touchscreen. If you notice that some parts of the screen don’t register your taps, swipes or ghost taps, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Certain areas of the screen may become completely unresponsive or touches may be registered at completely random points.

This touchscreen malfunction indicates that the crack has damaged one of the layers of the digitizer that detects your gestures and finger touches. This is not good news, as it means that the crack is more than superficial and that the screen will likely continue to have problems or fail.

At this point, it is quite clear that the crack is not just a cosmetic inconvenience. It’s best to look for a replacement screen before things get worse.

Broken glass

When you can physically see pieces of glass or splinters coming out, it is because the crack has completely broken through the various layers of the phone’s screen. At this point, the situation will only get worse quickly. These shards of glass are likely to fall or cut your fingers when you swipe them.

Don’t even think about using your cell phone in this state! Replace the cracked screen as soon as possible before the damage worsens or causes injury. Visible splinters are no joke, so take them seriously and treat them immediately.

Distorted screen or colors

Cracked screens can affect the quality of your screen. One day you’re watching videos in perfect HD; the next day everything looks pixelated and blurry. What’s up?

These visual flaws are signs that the crack has gone deeper than the surface of the glass and is interfering with the internal functioning. The pixels, backlight and other components cannot function smoothly with cracks running through them.

It may start as a barely noticeable distortion, but it gets worse over time. Therefore, plan to purchase a new screen before permanent screen corruption sets in.

Moisture intrusion

We all know that electronics and water don’t mix. So when cell phone screens break, the input humidity becomes a real concern.

When the protective glass barrier is broken, rain, splashes and moisture can enter. Even small drops in the wrong places can create big problems.

Watch for fogging or condensation around the cracked area, which shows that fluid invasion is already underway. Additionally, beware of muffled or distorted speakers, unresponsive buttons, or faulty charging – potential signs of water damage.

Moisture, where it shouldn’t be, can corrode connections, break circuits and cause liquid damage to your phone. Don’t give him a chance! Cracks that let moisture in need to be fixed quickly.

Prevent further infiltration as quickly as possible by keeping your phone away from all liquids until you can replace the screen.

And if moisture gets in, don’t put your phone in rice; it will only make the situation worse. There are better ways to remove moisture from your cell phone.

Decreased performance and battery life

A damaged screen puts a strain on your phone’s processor to maintain visual effects. And it takes more energy to power this slow chip. It’s a vicious cycle!

The more effort it takes to illuminate a damaged screen, the faster the battery runs out. And as the battery weakens, performance also plummets.

As time passes, expect more crashing apps, slow typing, and extremely short battery life. Your phone may get stuck in a boot cycle and stop working.

The cracked screen will continue to hamper things. So get it fixed as soon as possible!

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