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AMC shows this weekend an epic with Reese Witherspoon and an Oscar-nominated film



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Cinema returns to the spotlight on the small screen this weekend, especially at AMC, with the screening of a great work nominated for two Oscars!

National television continues to focus on good content to keep audiences entertained during the weekends, counting on cinematographic works high quality that encompass various genres, in order to gain the attention of various types of audiences. In order to celebrate the best that cinema has to offer, the AMC channel collected a set of unmissable works that promise to continue to warm you up this winter.

This weekend the channel makes its spectators’ day much richer, with the screening of projects ranging from the most exciting actionas is the case of “Miami Vice“, with Jamie Foxx (“Django Unchained“) It is Colin Farrell (“The Spirits of Inisherin“), to the thrillers more incredible like “A Gift from the Past“, starring Joel Edgerton (“The Master Gardener“), Jason Bateman (“Ozarks“) It is Rebecca Hall (“The city“).

Miami Vice Oscars AMC

However, there are two works in particular that promise to offer viewers a unique experience, these are an acclaimed historical epic starring Reese Witherspoon (“Big Little Lies“), but also a thriller full of action that found himself nominated for two Oscars from the Film Academy of Hollywood.



One of the big highlights this weekend at AMC is the screening of “Vanity Fair”, starring Witherspoon and with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (“The Tudors“), James Purefoy (“The Night of All Souls“) It is Romola Garai (“Atonement“). The feature film follows Becky Sharp, a poor young woman who defies society’s norms to become a prominent figure in imperialist London. David Ansenfrom the Newsweekstates in his review that “this ‘Vanity Fair’ delights the eye, but Nair may be too humanistic for his own good: he doesn’t have the instinct to kill”.

Also highlighted is “Twister“, a thriller starring Bill Paxton (“Aliens“) It is Helen Hunt (“Better is impossible“), and which garnered two nominations for Oscars. The project follows a group of storm chasers who seek to create an effective storm detection mechanism in order to protect the population from events such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Ann Hornadayof Austin American-Statesman, states that “the storms are breathtaking, the action is intense and the two protagonists are intelligent and friendly”. Already James Berardinelliof ReelViewsnotes that “it’s a perfect cinematic rollercoaster – fun, fast and furious…”.

Vanity Fair” is scheduled to air on January 27th on AMC, now “Twister” is guaranteed to be broadcast on January 28th. If you don’t want to miss any of these premieres, then you can find the channel in position 63 in MEO, 84 in US, 89 in Vodafone It is 38 in Nowo.

Are you going to miss the opportunity to watch these great films?

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