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Granblue Fantasy: Relink live-action trailer



A Cygames began showing this live-action trailer on Japanese TV Granblue Fantasy: Relinkthe game that will be released on February 1, 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam).

In the description of Granblue Fantasy Re:Link we can read:

Get ready for an epic adventure through the skies! Form a group of four from a selection of different characters and tear apart, shoot or curse anyone who gets in their way. Face treacherous enemies and claim victory in this action RPG.

Granblue Fantasy takes you to the Kingdom of Heaven, a world with countless floating islands in an immense blue setting. Become captain of an air crew with a feisty little dragon named Vyrn and a girl with mysterious powers named Lyria. This lively company of ragamuffins even includes kings and will go with you to Estalucia, the mythical island beyond the edge of the heavens.

The islands of Zegagrande’s Skydome are protected by powerful creatures known as primordial beasts. Legend has it that it is also home to a secret organization called the Church of Avia. Discover the intrigues that go beyond the borders of Zegagrande and fight for the destiny of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Form a party of four characters and fight in real time in this action RPG. You have many aircrew to choose from, each with unique weapons, skills and combat styles. Combat features such as United Attacks and Explosive Combinations will show that teamwork will be the key to success in this game that focuses on group synergy to defeat enemies in a spectacular way. Take on missions solo or in a cooperative group of up to 4 players and eliminate treacherous enemies in search of rare loot for your arsenal. The group configuration, whether yours or enemies, will always have strengths and weaknesses. Discover how to deal with this situation and ensure victory.

Don’t like frantic combat? Try assisted modes, accessible to everyone. Activate full assistance to automate all combat actions!

The Kingdom of Heaven does not lack history and narrative. Consult Lyria’s diary and discover information about places, characters in the world, and much more. In addition to the number of secondary missions available, you also have Destiny Episodes that tell the story of each crew member!

Granblue Fantasy Re:Link is an action RPG with illustrations from Cygames It is CyDesignation. Koichi Haruta Cygames is the producer of the game, Tetsuya Fukuhara directed the game, Hideo Minaba is responsible for character design and Nobuo Uematsu It is Tsutomu Narita are responsible for the soundtrack. The game has a new story.

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