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AMD bets on the old platform (AM4)? As long as RAM leaves! Leak



AMD has been immensely praised in the technology world because the support offered for the vast majority of its products has been really good, especially when compared to the support that Intel usually offers.

After all, in addition to always betting very well on backwards compatibility between CPUs and Motherboards, AMD still continues to launch new processors for the “old” AM4 platform.

However, it seems that this support has a limiting factor in DDR4 RAM memory.

AMD betting on the old platform (AM4)? Only as long as RAM lets you!

amd, ryzen

Therefore, it seems that AMD will continue to invest in the AM4 platform as long as the cost of production and acquisition of DDR4 RAM allows this adventure to continue. In other words, when old RAM (DDR4) becomes more expensive than new RAM (DDR5), AMD intends to almost completely abandon its old motherboards.

This means that, in addition to the four new AM4 processors that AMD announced at CES 2024 (Ryzen 7 5700X3D, Ryzen 7 5700, Ryzen 5 5600GT and Ryzen 5 5500GT), everything indicates that we will have even more alternatives on the shelves over the next few years. months.

However, the launches will come to an end when the world of RAM finally adapts completely to DDR5 RAM.

Is not strange? Seeing AMD investing so much in an old platform? Wouldn’t it be smarter to just bet on the most recent platform with the greatest scope for progression? (Which almost always means a higher percentage of profit on each unit sold?)

In other words, the company does not want consumers to upgrade to the AM5 platform? Definitely yes! However, AMD sees the AM5 as the future, for those who really want the best of the best. In other words, despite the fact that AM5 features the latest memory and PCIe standards, there are compelling reasons to stick with AM4.

Especially on the savings side! After all, changing platforms involves changing the CPU, motherboard, RAM memory, among other things. Furthermore, the technology that underpins the AM4 platform is so mature that the profit percentage has also increased very significantly over the last few years.

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