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Does your car make strange noises when turning? Read this!



Is your car making strange noises when turning? If so, you are probably feeling a combination of frustration, annoyance and fear. But as tempting as it may be to drown out those annoying sounds, unwanted noise is often the car’s way of telling the driver that something is wrong. Fortunately, a strange sound when turning a car is relatively common and easy to diagnose. There are a number of issues that can cause this problem, but fortunately, most of them are cheap to resolve and require minimal equipment and skills – although, like everything, there are exceptions.

Does your car make strange noises when turning? Read this!

Typically, squeaking sounds when turning are due to a problem with the power steering system. This can range from something as simple as low power steering fluid to a serious problem like a failed power steering pump. Other potential causes of squeaking sounds could include damaged suspension system components or even a set of new tires.

changing tires, car steering signals, strange noises when turning

One of the most common causes of a squeaking noise when turning is a lack of power steering fluid. Although many modern vehicles use electric power steering systems, many cars still have hydraulic power steering. These cars use a pump and hydraulic or power steering fluid to help drivers turn the steering wheel.

Hydraulic power steering systems

Hydraulic power steering systems are closed – meaning the fluid level shouldn’t drop under normal circumstances – but they are subject to wear and tear and it’s not unusual for a car to experience small fluid leaks over time. If the power steering fluid level drops too low, the power steering hydraulic pump will not be able to pressurize the system properly, potentially causing stiff steering and loud, high-pitched squealing noises when turning the steering wheel. steering wheel.

letting the car warm up, strange noises when turning

Typically, solving this problem is as simple as adding new fluid to the reservoir. Serious leaks (i.e. those that leave puddles under the car or completely empty the tank) require professional attention and repair. Drivers may ignore small leaks for short periods of time, but these often worsen over time and require future repairs.

Contaminated power steering fluid

Another problem that often leads to squeaking sounds when turning is contaminated power steering fluid. On average, drivers should replace the power steering fluid every 64,000 to 128,000 km. This is because hydraulic fluid degrades over time, weakening its ability to lubricate and pressurize the steering system. Additionally, as it moves through the system, power steering fluid accumulates dirt, debris, and metal shavings from the pump and various components.

Synthetic or conventional oil, strange noises when turning

If drivers do not change the power steering fluid regularly, the system may lose its ability to function properly. This can result in problems such as a stiff steering wheel, squeaking noises, and even damage to steering system components. M

More serious causes of squeaking noises when turning include damaged suspension or steering system components. These parts can fail over time due to age, damage from a collision or hitting a pothole. The power steering system doesn’t just include hydraulic fluid and a pump – it also includes a rack and pinion, tie rods, and a network of hoses and sensors. All of these components are subject to wear and tear over time, and common culprits of squealing sounds include damaged hoses, worn tie rods, and a failed pump.

noise in the car, align the car's steering

Suspension components

Suspension components such as ball joints, control arms and shock absorbers can also fail over time. When these parts wear out, it is common to hear squeaking and groaning sounds from one or both sides of the vehicle. Repairs for these problems range from simple and inexpensive to highly complex and expensive. While a faulty tie rod, ball joint or hose is quick and inexpensive to repair, a worn rack and pinion requires hours of repair and up to thousands of dollars in new parts. If you suspect that your car is squeaking due to a damaged suspension or steering system component, you should visit a trusted mechanic.

Another common cause of squeaking noises when turning is tires. A car’s tires can cause squeaking noises when turning for a number of reasons. The most common culprit is oversized tires rubbing against wheel well trim components. Oftentimes, car owners install tires that are larger than the stock parts that came on the vehicle. If tires are too large, they can rub against mudguards and other components when the driver turns the steering wheel. This situation can usually be resolved by removing unnecessary parts such as mudguards or cutting off excess plastic from the wheel well.

Pay attention to tires

Lastly, your tires may be making squeaking noises due to their age. New tires often have a waxy film or aggressive tread. When you turn the steering wheel on certain surfaces, these tires may make squeaking noises. Alternatively, if your tires are extremely old, under- or over-inflated, or unevenly worn, they may be causing strange sounds when you turn the steering wheel. So these are the most likely conditions for strange noises when turning.

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