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Android 14 has already arrived on Samsung but there is a reason to wait!



Samsung started making its Android 14 update widely available last week, but there’s a reason to wait. All because it seems that Samsung left out a method that prevents the status bar from burning-in.

Android 14 has already arrived on Samsung but there is a reason to wait!

Burn-in on smartphone screens was once a big problem, often causing some elements to always appear. A common trick to avoid this is to move UI elements slightly so that they never stay in the same place for too long. It is almost invisible to the user, but it helps a lot to avoid burn-in.

In One UI 6 (Android 14), however, it appears that Samsung may have left this out as the site states. 9to5Google.

Reddit users have noticed that elements of the status bar (time, battery, etc.) no longer seem to change over time. This was detected by comparing screenshots over time, with the status bar elements perfectly aligned. In One UI 5 (Android 13), comparing screenshots over time showed that elements were moving around a lot, resulting in an almost blurry effect when screenshots were superimposed on top of each other.

Meanwhile the navigation bar buttons continue to move. So Samsung doesn’t seem to have completely given up on this method.

As for what exactly is going to happen it’s really hard to say. It’s entirely possible that Samsung simply adjusted the screenshots to compensate for the movement of the status bar elements. Or the company is using a new method to avoid burn-in. It is also worth noting that the comparison is made on two different devices – a Galaxy S23 Ultra on One UI 6 and a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on One UI 5.

In any case, it’s at least a little worrying, and we’re curious to see if things change with new updates.

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