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Android 15 will be for everyone thanks to a big new feature!



Cell phones have become increasingly complex over the years and not everyone wants to deal with all the features the devices offer. Some people may even have disabilities that prevent them from taking advantage of all that is best about Android. That’s where a new “easy preset” system could come in, which has been spotted in development in the new Android 14 QPR3 beta. It is because of this new feature that Android 15 could be for everyone!

Android 15 will be for everyone thanks to a big new feature!

While we haven’t seen exactly what this new easy preset will look like, Mishaal Rahman was able to find some preliminary details about the mode for the site Android Authority. The Android expert was able to access the special mode configuration page and some strings that indicate what exactly is different compared to the normal Android experience, but he was still unable to access it itself.

Android 15 will be for everyone thanks to a big new feature!

The strings in the code and the description on the easy preset’s configuration page indicate that it will focus on readability and accessibility by “making icons and text larger, adding contrast and bolding, and adding navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen.” . Mishaal Rahman also states that the current wallpaper will be replaced with an all-black one. This will further increase contrast and readability.

Only present in version 15

Although the feature was spotted in Android 14 QPR3, it is more likely to appear in Android 15 at the earliest. Google has long started testing upcoming features on previous versions of Android. The fact that the mode is not yet fully functional adds more weight to the idea that it could arrive later than in June, which is when Android 14 QPR3 is expected to go live.

The new beta version of Android 14 has a few more new features hidden up its sleeve. It could bring a renewed version of chat bubbles to tablets. This keeps conversations with your most important friends and family at your fingertips. It could also allow Pixel smartphones to dynamically adjust their touch sensitivity to the environment.

Android 14 QPR3 beta 1 is currently arriving on Pixel phones enrolled in the Android beta program. As always, it’s best to stick with the stable version if you want to ensure you don’t encounter bugs that could break your phone. But if you have a spare phone and are curious to know what’s coming up, you can easily jump into the QPR beta.

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