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Alert! If you have Via Verde and do this you will lose a lot of money!



Via Verde is undoubtedly a very effective and practical service. It prevents us from having to stop to pay tolls, but it does much more than that. It also offers other additional services such as parking so that we can park our car anywhere, pay easily and not be fined. But anyone who has services like these needs to pay extra attention. The thing is, if you have Via Verde and you do this you will lose a lot of money.

Alert! If you have Via Verde and do this you will lose a lot of money!

Nowadays there is little attention. Therefore, great care must always be taken to avoid unnecessary surprises. If you receive an email from Via Verde, be very careful with what we tell you next.

It all starts with a message telling us that we have some invoices to pay. It’s true that the speech seems a little strange, judging by the dear client. The problem is that around 20% of users fall for these schemes.

But what happens when you follow the link?

Right from the start, depending on the equipment you are using, the real address of the page you went to may appear. The eichulapos at the top of the page is a big warning sign.

However, the message again mentions that the payment of invoices is outstanding. The value is not that great, so most people are immediately tempted to resolve the situation. So you have to click on the green button to resolve the situation.

The screen then asks the user to resolve the missing payments. This asks for your name, address, email and telephone number. Here would be another big warning sign. At most, the real Via Verde would request login and resolve this problem in the appropriate section.

They then ask for your credit card details. Once you fill them out and send them in, you have just given the gold to the criminal. In other words, they can now use their card to make purchases on the Internet.

Furthermore, if an additional code is needed, don’t forget that you provided your details in the previous step and they can call you pretending to be Via Verde employees to obtain any confirmation codes that you receive via SMS when you make movements with the Credit card. In other words, you really have to be very careful.

In fact, the schemes keep increasing and as such, there is little care!

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