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Another great film coming to Netflix in January! Prepared?



The year is practically coming to an end! However, we don’t stop receiving brutal news when it comes to Streaming. After all, Netflix has been presenting simply brutal projects to launch as early as 2024, and some of them are less than a month away.

Therefore, the latest to reach our eyes and ears is none other than The Kitchen. A new film that received an exciting trailer from Netflix itself! Which gives us the feeling that it will be a huge success all over the world.

But what is the story of the project like and what cast can we count on?

Another great film coming to Netflix in January! Prepared?

Therefore, the film focuses on the city of London where we can see a very sharp division of people. Where we have a part of the city with few conditions that shelter the poor called “The Kitchen”. And a simply brutal and technological part of the city that houses the rich. However, the problem starts when poor people start thinking about escaping and improving their lives. Will it go well?

When it comes to the cast, we have some well-known names in this project. As is the case of Kano, Henry Lawfull, hope ikpoku jnr, jedaiah bannerman and even Demmy Ladipo.

Last but not least, the release date. The film is scheduled to arrive on Netflix on January 19th.

January arrives Netflix

In short, we feel that Netflix is ​​betting big and ugly on action projects. After all, these are the ones that give the platform the most projection and the ones that achieve the most success among users. But let’s wait and see how this one goes.

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