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Apple is crazy! Now the MacBook is getting something unbelievable



We’re a little joking, because madness would be an exaggeration, especially because the functionality that has now reached the world of leaks and rumors is not at all a big novelty in the notebook market. But… For Apple’s side, it is something that has always been passed over due to various reasons that some consumers accept, while others just laugh at it.

Apparently, the MacBook will (finally!) have touch support through its OLED screen.

Apple is crazy! Now the MacBook is getting something unbelievable


So, in case you didn’t know, Apple is currently planning to change the mini-LED panels that give life to the screen of the current MacBook Pro, to adopt 100% the most desired and pleasant OLED technology. Despite everything you may read on the Internet, the reality is that a mini-LED panel is (almost) always inferior to a comparable OLED panel.

But that’s not what’s new! What is surprising is the real possibility that Apple will take advantage of this change to finally enable touch support through the screen of its MacBook notebooks.

MacBook with touch support? It will be in 2026 or 2027!

Whoever says so is a well-known leaker in the industry, pointing to new MacBook Pro OLED with 14.2” and 16.2” screens with touch support. Something that will eventually also reach MacBook Air notebooks sometime in the future, which should reach the market in sizes of 13.6” and 15.3”.

macOS will have to change!

Apple has never had much desire to implement touch features on its laptops or Mac computers. This is exactly why the macOS interface will have to change very significantly if this rumor becomes a reality.

Meanwhile, according to the same leaker, the aforementioned panels are being developed by LG and Samsung, with code names “Y-OCTA” and “Touch On Encapsulation”. The idea here is not to just implement touch support, but to make the construction of MacBook notebooks even thinner, but still robust.

2026 or 2027? Yes, but only if Apple doesn’t want to bring forward the launch of the laptops. That’s on the table if the current generation of MacBook notebooks continues to be a commercial failure.

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