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Aquaman 2 in theaters? It’s just another DC disaster…



Even though we are already at Christmas and extremely close to closing another year, there are things that never stop. And one of them is nothing less than the big premieres in cinemas around the world, since December is usually the month that contains the most anticipated projects.

Therefore, the truth is that many people were eagerly awaiting the release of Aquaman 2. However, it seems that there are not as many as DC expected. Since December 21st (the film’s release date), the project only managed a measly 28 million at the box office in its opening weekend. And if you thought it would get better throughout the week… Forget it!

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Aquaman 2 in theaters? It’s just another DC disaster….

So just to get an idea of ​​how bad this result is. We have to tell you that Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom managed to make less money at the box office than The Marvels (one of Marvel’s biggest failures). And it’s on track to become the fourth flop in a row this year for DC. Shortly after the release of The Flash, Shazam! The Fury Of Gods and also Blue Beetle.

That said, this lack of attendance at cinemas ends up contrasting greatly with the general feedback given by people who have already seen the project, pointing to a fantastic experience in cinemas and with an engaging story. A superhero film well suited to fans of this genre, mixing comedy with action very well.

Aquaman 2 cinemas

In short, everything points to Aquaman 2 being a failure in theaters. This is clear, even though there is still a lot of time left for the project to leave the theaters. But let’s wait and see what happens and whether things improve at least slightly.

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