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This is the film that is in the top 10 on Netflix and you can’t miss it



Taking into account that it’s Christmas and that practically everyone is at home more, this could be the ideal time to watch some action films or even with the family. With Netflix appearing at the forefront as the platform with the best projects to pass the time at this time, presenting the top most watched projects of the week featuring fantastic films.

Therefore, an example of this is none other than Rebel Moon – Part 1: The Fire Girl. A film that arrived on December 15th and is enjoying immense success around the world. What’s really missing is part 2 for all’s well that ends well. But find out more about the project.

Science fiction film with Adam Sandler in 2024? On Netflix!

This is the film that is in the top 10 on Netflix and you can’t miss it

Therefore, Rebel Moon – Part 1: The Fire Girl tells us the story of Kora. A young woman chosen by the people to be sent to neighboring planets in order to look for new warriors. This is, of course, to help her in her mission to defeat the tyrant Balisarius, and his merciless emissary Admiral Noble who are implementing terror…

In terms of casting, we have some fantastic names like Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, Charlotte Maggi, Ed Skrein, Anthony Hopkins and even Ray Fisher. In other words, much of the success that the project is having at the moment on Netflix. It’s thanks to this fantastic group that did an excellent job. But see with your own eyes.

film you can't miss

In short, with nothing to do over the next few days? Watch this incredible film that you absolutely cannot miss and know that part two premieres on April 19, 2024. In other words, it won’t be long until you have access to the complete project.

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