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Arena No. 3 by ASA in February



cover Arena N.º 3 by ASA

It will be February 27th that the publisher WING will launch Volume 3 of the manga in Portugal Arena in otaku chef with illustrations by Clarity. You can buy here with discount.

Synopsis of Arena No. 3

Gabriel and his friends only have one fight left
To decide your fate in the arena:
Become fighters or servants. But,
To do so, they will have to survive…

Their enemies are more monstrous than ever, and Gabriel lost everything he had in an illegal fight… Did Kaligan bet on the worst team?

It would be like this if we didn’t count on the demonic spirit that disturbs Gabriel, which he now resorts to without hesitation, even at the risk of violating the Arena’s rules.

Le Chef Otaku Arena No. 3; Illustration: Clarity

ISBN: 9789892360515
Language: Portuguese
Dimensions: 153 x 210 x 14 mm
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 208

Le Chef Otaku

Le Chef Otaku is passionate about narrative and manga aesthetics, as well as being a self-taught screenwriter and cinematographer. Le chef Otaku opened his YouTube channel in 2013, and in a short time he became one of the anime influencers with the most followers.

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