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This epic film is currently the most watched worldwide



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Netflix has a new leader when it comes to today’s most watched films! The feat was achieved by a South Korean production.

After more than two weeks at the top of the ranking of films most viewed on Netflix, we have a new king! Thus, the big-budget feature film that was devastated by criticism has just been finally dethroned. The person responsible for this feat is a South Korean production full of action and a well-known face! In the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoesfollows with an assessment of 86% among critics.

According to the indicators of the FlixPatrolwhich are based on the official records of the video giant streaming, as soon as it debuted last Friday, January 26th – went straight to second place on the list. Now, two days after arriving on Netflix, it has already risen to first place, both in Portugal and worldwide.


Cha Min-jung/Netflix © 2024

Like this, “Hunters of the Inhospitable” [“Badland Hunters“] unfolds after a great earthquake turn Seoul into a desert apocalyptic. Don Lee (“Train to Busan“) takes on the role of Nam-san, a relentless hunter of this inhospitable environment. They are joined by Lee Hee Jun as Yang Gi-su, the doctor who survived the catastrophe, and Lee Jun-young as Nam-san’s trusted partner, Choi Ji-wan.

The narrative delves into a world where the mere survival becomes a Luxalliances are volatile, and human will is tested by the most severe conditions of nature.

Are you a fan of South Korean productions? Have you had the chance to watch Netflix’s latest hit?

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