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Attack on Titan concert causes outrage in China



Many protests erupted from a musical concert by Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) on China with the public asking for refunds even before the concert ended. The situation became even more worrying for the Japanese, who questioned whether the show had an official license.

At the beginning of the event, the public remained silent, but criticism quickly began to emerge as people expressed their discontent with the low quality of the concert. Even after the show ended, the angry crowd continued to demand a refund.

People in Japan who heard about the incident questioned whether the concert had official authenticity and whether the video projected in the background had been obtained legally, given the situation in China. Some speculated that, as the instruments weren’t even in tune, it could be an amateur concert.

Although some laughed, calling it yet another example of “Made in China”, others praised the public for defending their rights. This incident raises serious questions about the quality and legitimacy of popular cultural events in China, raising concerns among fans:

  • Well, they had an experience of the same quality as Shingeki no Kyojin. “I don’t know what they are complaining about”
  • I’ve seen more competent school musical productions than this (which is significant, given the precarious state of American schools). I think it’s a case of “what’s the cheapest price we can get?” People who participated in this event should investigate the artists’ backgrounds to see if they are professional musicians.”
  • Since there were few “musicians”, it should be obvious that they couldn’t perform on a large scale (well, depending on experience, but these weren’t even fans). But that doesn’t change the fact that this was a concert for which people paid money, obviously expecting something (at least) good. Official or not, it doesn’t matter. If it was free, the story would have been different, but it wasn’t free. So, of course, people get angry.
  • At least they didn’t pay to be eaten or torn apart.
  • I think the outrage depends on how much they paid for the tickets.
  • Haha, the audacity of doing a “concert” with random people picked up off the street, clearly with less than 6 months of playing their own instruments.
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