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Attention: the network bars on your cell phone are a mistake!



The smartphone has several indicators that tell us the operating status of various things. We have, for example, the battery indicator that gives us an idea of ​​how much autonomy we still have. Another highlight is also the most varied symbols that appear at the top. This way they reveal when we are connected to a Wi-Fi network or not, to Bluetooth or using something else. However, of all these, one of the most important indications is related to your cell phone’s network bars. That said, the truth is that they are a mistake!

Attention: the network bars on your cell phone are a mistake!

So it’s almost a myth that people think that a low number of bars equals bad service while having a full number of bars means excellent service. However, no one can be judged for this. This is because the icon that shows the signal status is the only way we can understand our connection to a network. However, having the bar full does not mean we have a good connection.

In reality, cell phone signal bars are an indicator of the signal strength you are receiving from nearby cell phone towers, but they have no linear relationship to signal strength. In fact, there is no standardized unit of measurement when it comes to how signal strength is displayed on cell phones. This means that the same number of bars on two different devices may not mean the same thing.

Has it ever happened to you that you are with a friend, you have the same contract, and one smartphone has more bars than another? This does not necessarily mean that one captures the signal better and has better antennas. It’s actually related to how this signal strength is displayed.

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Certainly, some events already had full bars, but several people were trying to use the network at the same time and had problems establishing connections and making calls.

In other words, the truth is that the connectivity indicator is good for us to understand whether things are very bad or not (just having a battery signal). Otherwise having 3, 4 or 5 can be exactly the same.

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