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Attention! Let’s have a spin-off of The Boys… in Mexico!



Everyone who has already seen The Boys series on Prime Video and the most recent spin-off, Gen V, must be eager for more content, as everything we’ve seen so far is simply incredible. Two series that no matter how many times we watch, they don’t seem to tire of. However, for the main series, we know that season 5 will premiere only next year. And in the case of Gen V, the wait will be even longer. But there is news that could perhaps help make the wait seem shorter and the hype increase.

Therefore, according to the most recent information circulating on the Internet, we will have a new series derived from The Boys, but this time it will take place in Mexico, with confirmation that it will be produced by Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal. But what is already known about this new project?

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Attention! Let’s have a Spin-Off of The Boys… In Mexico!

Therefore, the team at The Boys: Mexico (the name they give the series) is already working, but only on the budgets. In other words, there is still no name on the table to start filling out the cast.

In terms of history, we also still don’t know what the project’s timeline will be. It should always be around the famous Compound V. But let’s wait and see what they reveal to us soon about the series and pray that it’s the same or even better when it comes to quality…

Spin-off The Boys

In short, have you never seen The Boys or Gen V? We have to tell you that he is missing two of the best series of his life. Very good in terms of story and very strong casts. But the choice is yours…

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