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Attention! This is the hidden danger of using Wi-Fi in an Airbnb!



Accessing the Internet is not a safe task. There are several threats lurking, many of them in the form of fake websites and email messages. But what you may not know is that simply accessing a Wi-Fi connection that isn’t yours can pose the same risks as clicking on a dubious connection. It’s a common misconception that only public Wi-Fi networks located in densely populated areas, such as train stations, are insecure. Well, even Wi-Fi networks with implemented security protocols can pose a danger to you. So this is the hidden danger of using Wi-Fi in an Airbnb!

If you haven’t configured the wireless network you’re connected to, you have no way of knowing if it’s secure. Sometimes the convenience of connecting to a property’s Wi-Fi network isn’t worth the risk. There are also other ways to fall victim to a dangerous trap besides using your own devices on the network. You can mitigate the risks described here through appropriate security measures, but there is a real chance that you will not be adequately protected.

It is possible to collect your data

Your devices transfer data through a router and modem before connecting to the Internet. However, this data can be intercepted through techniques such as an encryption attack, IP spoofing and SSL hijacking. Dubbed Man-in-the-Middle attacks, this hacking technique captures information transferred between communication devices. Attacks can take place before or after the connection reaches the router.

router, wi-fi, using Wi-Fi in an Airbnb

An Airbnb owner can configure their network with the aim of stealing your data. What makes these attacks so scary is the fact that there is no indication that your information is being stolen.

It’s no secret that someone may want to access your sensitive data. Hackers may use them to impersonate you online to make purchases or even sell your information to other hackers. Therefore, be careful when choosing a host, carefully analyzing the opinions of former guests to avoid this from happening.

You can get malware

Your device may become infected with malware when accessing an Airbnb Wi-Fi connection. A bad actor can manipulate a router’s firmware to transmit malware directly to your device. There is also the falsification of DNS, which can redirect network users to malicious websites. Sometimes the user does not even realize that these sites are problematic, as they can imitate popular pages to trick you into downloading malware without knowing it.

Wi-Fi network devices, use Wi-Fi in an Airbnb

Malware can affect you long after you leave an Airbnb. It can do everything from steal your data to lock your device. This can affect you even if you think you are protected against it. Although an antivirus can block some malware, it is not infallible. If the piece of malware is particularly advanced, the software will not identify it. Sometimes they can also disable security measures, such as Windows Firewallto allow malicious code to run on your device.

Previous visitors can harm you

Even if you’ve read hundreds or even thousands of reviews from Airbnb users who have nothing but good things to say about the host, that doesn’t mean your Wifi network be safe. This is because sometimes the host is not the only one who can access the router. Wi-Fi routers are sometimes easy to break into, often not needing more than a paperclip to reset them. Then, a malicious user can access all the router’s settings through a web browser, after entering generic login information.

Sometimes it is not even necessary to reset the router. You’d be surprised how many people don’t change the default username and password for a device, which is often “admin”. Some owners forget this because they think that having a password to use Wi-Fi in an Airbnb is enough.

There are also attacks where people create fake Wi-Fi entry points that appear legitimate but can direct users to malicious websites. This can be done by someone nearby, perhaps right next to where you are staying.

You are at risk when using the owner’s devices

You might think you’re safe if you don’t connect your devices to a host’s Wi-Fi network. The fact is that virtually every smart device can be infected with a key logger to store your login information. This can be set by the homeowner or previous guests.

rising Netflix prices, sharing Netflix with

You might think that if a criminal gets his Netflix password, it’s nothing special. Well, it can be a serious problem if you use one password for everything. If your bank uses the same password, they can access your bank account, for example. If you reuse usernames and passwords, you can check the haveibeenpwned website to see if your information has already been compromised.

In addition to not logging into foreign devices, an obvious way to reduce the chances of this happening to you is to use a unique and strong password for each of your services. If you’re worried about losing your passwords, you can use a password manager passwords to control them.

In addition to stealing your information, devices can spread malware if they are connected to your device. This can be done through USB connections and even charging cables. Therefore, be careful when using a cable placed in an Airbnb.

How to protect yourself

One of the ways to take advantage of Airbnb Wi-Fi and stay safe is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN is an important security tool in many people’s tool belts because it creates an encrypted tunnel that gives you an extra layer of security against hackers, whether on the same network or on a diverted router. Because data is encrypted, it is more difficult for hackers to intercept your data through Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Additionally, using a VPN has other security benefits, such as hiding your real IP address to prevent you from falling victim to Wi-Fi attacks that depend on your IP address. It can also hide your network activity from your Internet service provider and protect you from DDoS attacks.

You can also simply use standard security practices, such as not logging into other people’s devices and not entering sensitive information on a network other than your own.

Now you know the hidden dangers of using Wi-Fi in an AirBnb or any other accommodation.

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