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Controversial: This actor will leave Marvel for DC! But who?



It’s no surprise to anyone that DC is slowly rebuilding itself without revealing much of what’s coming in the future. After all, we’ve already had rumors of lots of film releases, new heroes and even new actors. But so far the studio hasn’t even opened its mouth… However, the truth is that this time it ended up being inevitable and we learned that there is an actor who has just left Marvel who could very well be on his way to DC.

Therefore, we are talking about none other than Dave Bautista, or as he is better known, Drax. He recently posted a photo on his Instagram sitting in the DC studios parking lot precisely in the place where James Gunn normally parks his car. In other words, does this mean anything?

Controversial: This actor will leave Marvel for DC! Will it be successful?

Therefore, James Gunn has tried to hire several actors for the most varied roles that ended up being left by the former actors belonging to this cinematographic universe. In a way of trying to make the most of DC and extract all the potential that until now seemed not to be being used in the best way.

That said, several names have already been put on the table. Including Bradley Cooper for the role of Lex Luthor. However, the actor ended up refusing. Now with Dave Bautista, things already seem more than well underway. All that remains is for them to reveal what role the actor will play.

Marvel DC actor

In short, this could be the perfect time for DC to take the leap it so badly needs, as Marvel hasn’t been in the best shape. However, it is necessary to transform all good ideas into good content. Something that the studio has not been able to achieve in recent times.

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