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Attention! This Microsoft application makes Windows faster!



Any long-time Windows user knows how annoying it is to wait for applications and services to finish loading before you can start working. It’s true that recent improvements to Windows and SSDs they make things much faster, but the problem goes deeper than that. Some annoying applications are too persistent and refuse to stop loading at startup. In fact, you don’t even find an option to disable some applications. However, there is an application of Microsoft that solves these problems and makes Windows faster!

Attention! This Microsoft application makes Windows faster!

In fact, the good news is that there is an answer to this problem and it comes directly from Microsoft itself. The company manages and distributes software called Autoruns, a utility designed to combat malicious applications and services that take over your computer using the autorun process. But you can use Autoruns to stop all those applications once and for all.

First, transfer the Autoruns ZIP file here and install it in any folder. Launch the app and get ready to ignore most of the overwhelming number of tabs and information.

Instead, go directly to the Login tab, which only shows the list of applications that launch when the current user logs in. You can scroll through this entire list to find the application you want to disable and uncheck the box to complete the action. It’s manual work, but it will be worth it.

faster windows secret app

It’s true that it’s a long list. If you want to filter things down and are just looking for recently installed third-party apps to disable, click the Hide Windows Entries button. However, regarding the colors that appear in the image, be aware that a yellow highlight means that the application cannot currently be found on the system and a red highlight means that it has not been approved by Microsoft.

But this application has more interesting things. If you visit the Drivers section you will see all the device drivers that are booting. The Services tab is excellent for finding annoying services that you want to put an end to.

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