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Squid Game: The Challenge? We already have the most hated participant!



Squid Game fever is back but this time a little different from what we are used to. After all, we now have a Reality Show in a challenge format that has become very successful. And the truth is that it is winning people over in an incredible way so far. However, we have also managed to find the most hated contestant on the show. The one who generally thinks he is better than others, and viewers are not forgiving in his criticism.

Therefore, we are talking about none other than Bryton Constantin. Considered player 432 and known as outgoing and confident. However, the general public complains that there is something bigger than that. And they even point to a conceited, irritating and selfish attitude…

Jenna Ortega is no longer coming back and fans are devastated!

Squid Game: The Challenge? We already have the most hated participant!

Therefore, all of this is essentially due to this player’s attitudes towards others throughout the game. Which, to the relief of those watching, was very short. After all, Bryton Constantin unexpectedly went home early in the third episode. This is after in the human-sized Naval Battle, his boat was sunk.

When leaving, the player revealed that he was surprised and upset at the same time. This is because he always thought he would go to the end of the challenge and that he would even win. Well… It didn’t happen!

Squid Game: The Challenge

In short, Squid Game: The Challenge has been a huge success all over the world so far and promises not to stop there. This is because we think there is an objective of making this series compete with the original in terms of views. Even though we think it will be almost impossible…

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