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Author of One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 will start a new manga



Bug Ego cover

The most recent issue of Weekly Young Jump announced that Bug Egoa manga by ONEthe creator of One-Punch Man It is Mob Psycho 100 will start to be serialized. The author will count on the help of the artist Kiyoto Shitara.

Bug Ego was originally released as a one-shot in Young Jump in April 2023 and the story has now been given the green light to begin being serialized regularly in the magazine.

Kiyoto Shitara is responsible for the manga art Shinobuna! Chiyo-chan, Katagi Modoshi It is U12 Kodomo Fellows.

Synopsis of Bug Ego

Makoto Hitsujiya transfers to a new school and meets a strange classmate named Takehiro Kokudou. Kokudou introduces him to Bugs, a variety of phenomena that produce certain results only if specific sequential actions are performed. Phenomena can range from bird droppings appearing on the sidewalk after pressing a certain combination of vending machine buttons to the ability to lift weights beyond normal physical limits.

Gradually, Hisujiya and Kokudou’s friendship grows as they take advantage of the useful – and sometimes outrageous – conditions to activate Bugs that transcend the laws of science and humanity. Following in Kokudou’s footsteps, Hitsujiya becomes addicted to triggering these anomalies. But when he discovers a bizarre set of conditions required for a ridiculous Bug that could change his future, his curiosity could have serious consequences.

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